Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's here. And other ramblings.

The new camera came. My mom was here for the weekend. Baseball season is in full swing, kicked off by the jamboree. I bought my darling Husband an orb and I bought myself a yellow vase. We tore out A LOT of ivy and planted some herbs.

Wow. What a mouthful.

Oh my. Last friday came in a whirlwind. The new camera came after what seemed like an eternity of waiting. It's very overwhelming, but I'm getting the hang of it. Seriously, the shutter is like buttah. And, I've been experimenting with different combinations of aperture and shutter speed and have NOT been using it on auto. GO me. Not to say I'm a fabulous photographer yet. Maybe, if you're lucky I'll post a photo, but it will be difficult, cause we are our own worst critics and at this point every photo I've taken is rubbish.

My mama drove up from Sandy Oregon on friday afternoon to spend the weekend with us. I can't even remember the last time I saw her, terrible isn't it. We missed Christmas and mailed gifts, and finally said enough was enough and she drove up here. We had a great time. We watched baseball, made pizza, had a bon fire, even though it was cold and did a little shopping.

The Cal Ripkin Baseball League kicked off on saturday with the annual jamboree. It's an ALL DAY thing. Baseball all day. Opening ceremony followed by two inning mini games. Burgers. Wind. Sun. Two wins and a loss. A couple of missed balls and a couple of good hits. Now regular games have begun, twice a week until the middle of June. I WILL NOT eat burgers two nights a week. I will not... I will not...

While my mom was here we did a little shopping in between games on saturday. There is this fantastic store in town which sells the coolest house wares and decorative items. The woman in the store was kind enough to let us upstairs to the secret sale section, where I scored. 50% off. It was like Christmas! I found this great tall yellow vase for my kitchen. I've really been into yellow lately. Maybe it's because I can't wear it, so I like to decorate with it! I also found Marty an orb. It's made from concrete and has a little stand. It looks great on the fireplace hearth.

Sunday before my mom left we made a trip to Airport Gardens, a huge place of weakness for me, a bought a few herb plants for the garden. My mom wanted to look at their selection of sedum and their small ornamental pines. Marty and I ended up spending more than her. Oops. See, weakness. Then after my mom left Marty and I ripped out most of the ivy in the front yard. A couple of weeks ago Marty started the project by ripping down the ivy that was engulfing the madrona tree. Now we can actually see the tree trunk and are planning a nice little flower bed around it. If you ever think about planting ivy, DON'T.

More to come on the gardening in a later post!

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