Monday, August 18, 2008

We did slip off the face of the earth, but we've returned, BARELY!

No, really, we took a hiatus, for oh, let's see, FOREVER. But for those of you who know, Marty and I got married in July. And people, planning a wedding is serious business and combined with all the "regular" things we are busy with, yeah, blogging took a back seat. Okay, it wasn't even in the car anymore.

BUT, we're back and things are beginning to get in the routine of some kind of normalcy. I have a slue of pictures to post and crazy updates on the kids and pets and Marty and I so be prepared for an inundation of information, ha that rhymes!

I will work on posts and get them up in the order they occured, so be ready for a time travel back to, eh ah, March?! Wow.

Signing off (for the first time) as Mrs. Martinez. I'll be back SUPER soon, no really, I swear.