Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The summer ends and school begins *insert groaning from crumbs*

Yes, school started last Thursday with not much commotion at all. Aside from the jitters of the first day everything ran smoothly like a well oiled machine. Reub was up and out the door to his senior year, yes folks you heard right. A SENIOR! It's hard to believe. He's grown up so much in these last few years. His wit and sarcasm are becoming more fine tuned, he has a girl friend, and shortly he will get his learner's permit. (Marty will be the driving instructor)

Sol was easy. 7th grade. Middle school. He didn't want anything to do with us. "I'll just walk, no really it's fine." And he did just that, easy peasy. It's only 3 blocks from the house, but still. This is a big year for him. No little brother at school with him, 8th graders, a locker, changing classes. He's ready though. He doesn't sweat it, just puts on his "cool" face and viola. He's good to go.

Woody had some apprehension, but we washed it away be meeting his teacher the day before school started. Then it was like old news, "oh yeah, I've been there a thousand times." Marty and I were able to walk him into class though, but then it was time to hit the playground. None of this waitin' around! He's really come so far... as Marty and I walked across the playground to leave we only looked back once and he wasn't looking at us. It was sad because he's growing up, but it felt good too, because he was brave and wanted to be there.

There is really something to be said for routine, I myself, function much better when the routine is in place. And we are getting back into that routine and it feels good. As much as I'll miss summer, I welcome fall.