Wednesday, April 29, 2009

John Spalding 1975-2008

it's taken time like a slow dripping faucet, to let this all sink in. it presses on my heart now and again that such a beautiful person is now gone from our midst and no matter what, that email will never reach you, that phone call will just ring, and your voice is gone from our ears.

it would never take anyone long to fall in love with John's personality. he made everyone feel as though you've been friends all your lives, and watched your eyes when you spoke to him like he was genuinely interested in what you were saying. he was a brilliant man, period.

John and i met sometime in early 1997 at the Hiawatha House (a hodge-podge of artists and musicians all living under one roof) and quickly became close. John replaced guitarist John Himmelberger and contributed half an albums worth of material for Ninety Pound Wuss' second full length album Where Meager Die of Self Intrest. we traveled all over the country, played shows of all sorts and talked and laughed and ate.

John was diagnosed with cancer and was succumb to countless bouts of treatmeant that would prove unsuccesful. John lost the battle November 23rd 2008 making him the third person close to me to meet our Savior in the month of November. what the heck is up with the month of eleven?

well, i think writing about you and the reminiscence of all the good times we shared is a step forward in this unthinkable loss. i think about you often friend, and know that you are in Loveland (John's term for Heaven) for all of eternity.

God bless you,

Friday, April 17, 2009

What does the smell of bacon do for you?

Wednesday night I made breakfast for dinner. Marty and Julian had left before dinner to pick up Solomon from baseball practice.

I began frying bacon after they left. Upon their return, Julian, who came in first yelled from the living room,

"It smells glorious in here!"

Yes. GLORIOUS. Those were his exact words. Heh.

He's my foodie in the making. Yep!