Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The First Day of Winter

Now, technically speaking, the first day of winter is December 21st, however I'd like to call it January 28th. Yesterday morning we woke up to this...

The first actual snow of the winter! It was beautiful! When you stepped outside it was so quiet and bright! But the best part was NO SCHOOL! You see, Port Angeles isn't equipped for mass snow removal, so when it does snow the whole city just kinda closes down. I did, however have to go into work at 11 am, but I still got to enjoy the morning off with the snow.

Later than evening, Julian wanted to play in the snow again. We bundled him up again and in about an hour he managed to make 15 snowballs in the front yard. He lined them up nice and neat and then proceeded to throw snowballs at the house till we noticed what he had done. He was so proud of his work! It was quite a feat you know... snow is heavy and cold!

This morning, sadly there was no new snow. School and work started on time, *tear*, but we did get to enjoy one snow day this year.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Once a year.

This is a special day for me. One that will never go unnoticed or unannounced because it is just too precious. Today is Marty's birthday.

We celebrated his birthday on Sunday with homemade enchilada's and his famous cake, made especially for him by his Mom. "It's not my birthday if I don't get MY cake."

Happy Birthday Marty, from all of us. We love you and can't wait to celebrate the rest of the special "once a year" days in your life.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Home made delight.

I can remember the smell like yesterday... it would waft through the house, tumble down the stairs and spill in to the basement where my room was. It would hit me like a ton of bricks, but the good kind of bricks, made from foam, and as I would inhale the smell would carry me up stairs to the kitchen. Fresh baked bread.

My Mom had a bread machine and for so many years as a child I ate homemade bread. And it was delicious. Yesterday afternoon as I was making an attempt to re-organize the back pantry for the one millionth time I came across a box with my Grandmother's cook books in it. There it was... speaking to me. "Don't worry about the pantry, open me and be allured by my goodies." I fought the urge. I really did. But I caved. I tore the box open and there it was, a bread machine cook book, chock full of recipes that were making my mouth water.

I admit in that moment, I got very nostalgic of living at home and remembering that smell. I wanted Marty and the boys to know it and come to love it the way I did. I snapped out of my little "moment" and remembered a few months back Carol told me she had a bread machine she didn't use anymore and if I wanted to use it I could. A light came on, a meant to be light. Marty just happened to be at his Mom's at that moment, so I whipped my phone out and sent a text asking him to inquire if the offer still stood.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for a reply. YES! He would bring it home! Yippppppeeee! I was filled with childish joy! I added the necessary ingredients to my grocery list as Marty walked in with the machine in hand.

Several hours later, the let down. I followed the directions and set the machine. It was late, so I tried the rapid rise function. My mistake. I also didn't have my water warm enough because my little loaf that I was craving to be light and flaky was dense and hard. *big sigh*

So tonight, redemption. I am going to try again and again if I have to for that bread I remember, that light as air, delicious, flaky, perfect loaf.

On a side note, even though it didn't rise as it should of, the house smelled AMAZING.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the shape of punk to come

2008 is here, crazy huh? We rang in the new year in Sequim at the Boys & Girls Club with music, games, and Mountain Dew that the boys drank (our mistake) to sugar them up throughout the night.

The thing that made this night so important was #1. Reuben's Pomp and #2. witnessing my boys see their first hardcore show. I think all the boys have taken more of a liking to music this last year or so, and especially now that Solly has his first bass guitar and Julian his first keyboard.

I don't normally make a new year's resolution, but in a way this year I am. more than anything I desire to teach my boys the value of music and what music is to be valued... -marty

It's cold outside and my hands are dry Skin is cracked and I realize That I hate the sound of guitars A thousand grudging young millionaires Forcing silence sucking sound Forced into this conversation So i say shine let their planets collide This is the darkening down of my mind We could be making it oiling like crime We could be making it staking last dimes If you want to sieze the sound you don't need a reservation The torch is pased it's yours to return Lay at their feet now use it to burn For marketing the use of the word generation A false alliance of money persuading Forcing silence sound sucking Forced into this conversation Now if you want to sieze the sound you don't need a reservation So open so young so target I can smell your heart you're a target


Going to School

I have had a dream for some time, well for a long time you could say. I have always wanted to open a little coffee shop cafe thingy. (Yes, I said thingy) My first job was in a coffee stand. I was 14 and I LOVED it. I would get up early on my weekends to open up shop, make lattes and mochas all day and come home smelling like freshly roasted coffee beans. Somehow this has always stayed with me, my love for coffee and making people happy. I mean really what makes you more happy than a delicious latte?!

This dream of mine has been in the back of my heart for some time now and I gave myself a goal. I want this to happen. Marty, knowing this signed us up for a small business class at the college. That's right! We're going back to school. Over the next 10 weeks we will be writing a business plan that will be the next step in making my dream a reality.

So if I seem pre-occupied it's probably because I have homework I should be doing.