Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the shape of punk to come

2008 is here, crazy huh? We rang in the new year in Sequim at the Boys & Girls Club with music, games, and Mountain Dew that the boys drank (our mistake) to sugar them up throughout the night.

The thing that made this night so important was #1. Reuben's Pomp and #2. witnessing my boys see their first hardcore show. I think all the boys have taken more of a liking to music this last year or so, and especially now that Solly has his first bass guitar and Julian his first keyboard.

I don't normally make a new year's resolution, but in a way this year I am. more than anything I desire to teach my boys the value of music and what music is to be valued... -marty

It's cold outside and my hands are dry Skin is cracked and I realize That I hate the sound of guitars A thousand grudging young millionaires Forcing silence sucking sound Forced into this conversation So i say shine let their planets collide This is the darkening down of my mind We could be making it oiling like crime We could be making it staking last dimes If you want to sieze the sound you don't need a reservation The torch is pased it's yours to return Lay at their feet now use it to burn For marketing the use of the word generation A false alliance of money persuading Forcing silence sound sucking Forced into this conversation Now if you want to sieze the sound you don't need a reservation So open so young so target I can smell your heart you're a target


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