Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So close, yet so far away

I'm in my 32nd week of pregnancy and really, so far so good.  Appointments have been normal.  The cookie has been moving like crazy.  Kicking and jabbing me under the ribs.

I have been experiencing some braxton hicks contractions, nothing major just some tightening.  About 29 to 30 weeks along I stopped wearing my wedding ring.  :(  I just couldn't get it past my knuckle and definitely didn't want it stuck!  I've also been experiencing some edema.  Hello cankles!  Mostly during the week, when I'm stuck at my desk at work.  After a busy weekend at home it's mostly gone.

We've been walking several times a week, thank goodness for the nice evenings!  We've been blessed these last several weeks with great weather.  The walking is a love/hate relationship.  I never want to go, but I feel much better after I do.  It's nice when the kids come too.

We start our birthing class this Thursday.  I'm quite excited since I usually have a slew of questions for the midwife at my appointments.  We'll get to tour the birthing center at the hospital which should be fun too.

And now for the pictures.

24 to 27 weeks.
Photobucket 28 to 31 weeks. 28 weeks marked the beginning of the third trimester. Photobucket I guess I really like striped shirts huh?