Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twenty Eleven

The down time after Christmas and New Years always seems, for me, to take a while to come out of. I feel the rush and excitement and build up and then, just like that it's over. The gifts are opened, the dinner is cooked and consumed, the new year rung in, the tree comes down and then it's just, you know, January.

Don't get me wrong, January is a very important month. My darling Marty's birthday is in January. He'll be 30 again. Then comes February, and more gray skies. Followed by March, with, you guessed it, more gray skies.

I did clean and re-organize the pantry last weekend. That was an undertaking, but I did it! Successfully too. We are planning a garage sale for spring, (see there! Spring talk again.) I was able to get a good stash of garage sale items weeded out. Unfortunately, I had to NEATLY pile it all back in there to store for the above mentioned garage sale.

However, I haven't lost all hope in winter. There are still some things I am loving right now...
  • Painting my fingernails.  Right now, they are a tantalizing green.  Think shimmery Kermit.
  • Da Bears.  Big game this weekend!
  • Peppermint tea, yes still.  We've been drinking it nightly to help avoid drinking other things and stuffing our faces with cake. Or cookies.  Or chocolate.  Or pie.
  • The five pounds I've lost so far.  We started "the diet" again and it's working.  (As long as my self-control can stay, you know, controlled.)
  • My new leopard print bathrobe.  It's SO soft and cozy.
  • The fact that we get to take a mini vacation to Vancouver BC in a couple weeks to see Interpol!
  • Fiesta Ranch dip (with low-fat sour cream, of course!) Considering how many vegetables I have to eat this stuff saves the day, big time!
 I think I need a project to keep me busy with all this gray outside.  Let's see, I think I wrote a list a while back... May have to find that and see what I can do to keep myself busy.