Thursday, June 3, 2010

A whole lot of nuthin'

We've been doing a whole lot of stuff, but a whole lot of nuthin' is getting done. I swear Marty and I have been running like marathon competitors but we never seem to get to the finish line. Maybe that's called being a parent?

The weather has been CRAP here. My tomatoes and peppers still aren't planted and the lawn went almost two weeks without being cut because it wouldn't stop raining. Marty had to take a survival pack and a machete with him when he ventured out Tuesday night to cut the grass.

Marty's brother, Keith, is getting married to a fabulous lady, Mari, this summer. They live in Colorado, but are coming up here to tie the knot. And you know, me, being a brilliant as I am decided that making a dress for their wedding was the smart and cheap frugal thing to do. Well, heh. Can I just say, boy was I wrong. $70 bucks worth of fabric later... I've been buried in tulle for, oh, maybe 9 hours now and I haven't even attached the bodice to the skirt yet. Oi. About 45 minutes into the first sewing session, I decided I could have bought a killer dress for less than I paid for all the fabric and saved myself the obsessing and stress. If I actually finish it and it actually fits, I'll let you know. If it doesn't, then I'll never speak of this little mishap again.

School is almost out for the summer, 11 days to be exact, and the boys are ready. Summer is already shaping up to be a busy one... Keith and Mari's wedding, then we'll be taking the boys to Hawaii for some much needed R & R, and then the first week of August Marty has a mandatory meeting in Philly and I get to go with him! Sqeeee! The furthest east I've even been is Montana. Liverty Liberty Bell here I come!

Reuben will be graduating in 11 days as well. I have to say I am really proud of him. He's worked hard this last year of high school and is really turning into quite the articulate young man. He's registered for summer classes at PC already and will have no time off, straight to summer classes after graduation.

Today is Solly's 13th birthday! Mazel tov! A birthday post will be coming with photos after our celebration tonight. He's requested pot roast, so that's been a cookin' in the crock pot all day. Can I get an AMEN for the crock pot!?

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