Thursday, June 17, 2010

Idle chatter

Oh how we are all counting the days until vacation...  I think we're all relishing in the fact that we can pack up a suitcase, don a hat, scoop up a plane ticket and escape reality for a week.  ALL OF US.  Well, except Reuben, who thinks Disneyland would be a better place than Hawaii.  Pffft.  He has no idea.  I honestly think he's going to commandeer the plane and stop in Anaheim.  Although landing may be an issue he hasn't thoroughly thought out.

Life has been non-stop around here.  Birthdays, yes I am working on a post for the Monk's birthday, Anniversary parties, okay really it was only one party, and graduation is tomorrow!  Egad.  OH and baseball, but that's over now.   Solomon's team came in 3rd place overall, and 2nd place in the west side teams.

We finally had some good weather around here, albeit short lived, but we were able to get the tomatoes and peppers planted.  The weather has gone on vacation again, leaving us with clouds, rain, and wind.  I'll be lucky to get one tomato this summer.  I'm beginning to think summer has forgotten about us.

I'm still not done with my dress.  I've got to make a few, uh-hm, adjustments to the bodice and really I just haven't had the time.  I'm hoping this weekend, but now that I think about it, maybe not.  I think next weekend looks a bit more promising.

And, in closing, since we've been having so much fun light painting, a few shots from a couple weeks ago.  Marty surprised me with a cold cathode.  The red light in the pictures is the cold cathode.  We've got a few more ideas in mind, just as soon as we find a little more time.



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