Monday, March 8, 2010

When the Angels sing - Vic Chestnutt RIP

It was November 27th. It would be the first, and last time Sarah and i will have had our chance to witness (what i consider) one of God's most beautifully created voices to touch this earth. The show was amazing. The Crocodile, Seattle, a cold night and a warm Wife. This would be Vic's last tour, only playing 6 more shows.

i've had these cell phone pictures for a while i figured i'd finally post them up.

Vic took his own life, and died on Christmas day 2009. Burdened by the bull-shit medical industry, he was stricken with medical bills he couldn't see a means of resolving. Read any message post USA and you'll see how many lives he touched, even mine. i was brand new to Vic, and all i kept thinking while i watched him perform was, "i want to celebrate in Heaven with this man". He was an amazing individual and his music, well, his music is just something of brilliance.


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