Saturday, March 13, 2010

For my Sarah

It's my new fascination, lighthouses. For some reason i'm drawn to them, no pun. i asked my sweet wife to marry me under one, she walked down the isle to the song Lighthouse by Interpol...and well, i just become mesmerized when i see them. Some day i want to spend a weekend in one, with her. In the storm, with no power, just the sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks, and the glowing light circling the hemisphere as we wait out the night. Both pictures are from the Port Townsend Lighthouse...the one she said "yes" under :)


It's the place that's said to break
It's just as safe from the outside tonight

And I want that
I face the storms at the tides
From the lighthouse

And I want that
Unleash the storm and the night


What do the waves have to say now?
What do the waves have to say now?

Slow now

And let the waves have their way now
Slow, and let the waves have their day

And I want that

Here I've been living on roofs made from sin
Upward and outward, "Begin, begin."

Here I've been lucid I'm living within
Inwardly urgent, I'm sinking again
- Interpol

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