Friday, January 29, 2010

Random stuffs

Looking for interesting things to say this week...

I was going to write about the rude kid at the orthodontist office this last Wednesday. I mean really who wants to hear obnoxious rap music blaring from the ear bud of an ipod while trying to enjoy an article about pork and ramen soup in a Cooking Well magazine. Oh me, right? NO. I seriously wanted to smack* this kid. I could hear every word uttered. I mean EVERY word. I understand you want to listen to your music, really, I do. I love music, while albeit rap isn't my first choice, I can relate to wanting to listen to it while waiting for my turn. But to impose your choice on others who are waiting is really, just plain rude. Is this what it's coming to? Is it now acceptable to do this? I told my kids if they every did this they'd be grounded to infinity. Julian obviously picked up on my irritation with this kid because as I was describing the scenario at home later to Marty, he blurted out, "yeah, I could see your eye twitching!" Oi.

Marty's birthday was on the 22nd. He turned 35, 30 for the fifth time, 30! We had a lovely little "presidential" gathering. We decorated in red, white, and blue, threw up a few "vote" for Marty posters, and ate some great food. I made tamales, again, (the first time was for Christmas Eve, and apparently they were a hit because they were requested again for this celebration). We had a great time, and I've been informed in 5 years when he turns 30, again, I can throw him a GREAT big party. Which gives me plenty of time to arrange the dancing gorilla, *wink*. I don't have a single picture to document that festive day, well, because I forgot the camera. Which brings me to the following...

I have this recent obsession, neurosis, to get a new camera plan. Our little point and shoot is starting to have some peculiar behaviors and I fear it may be on it's last leg. Why not get another point and shoot you ask? Well, I wanna experiment with photography and learn how to properly use a camera, which involves vast knowledge of things like, ISO, aperture, shutter speed and how they all relate to each other, white balance, focal length, depth of field, and various other complicated things that I am desperately trying to understand. The camera that I want is more than just a point and shoot. And it costs more too. So my supportive Husband, who always stands by me in these moments of neurosis "adventure into new hobbies", suggested that I round up some stuff to sell and get little new camera fund started. So I did. Some stuff has sold, some hasn't. I'll keep you posted.

Which brings me to Craigslist weirdos. When you sell stuff on Cragislist you get inquires from all sorts of folks. Just an fyi. Sometimes they seem innocent enough, or sometimes they seem odd as all get out. I think through this we've seen our share of both. My wonderful Husband has taken over the task of managing all the Craigslist stuff so I don't have to deal with the weirdos. Thank you Dear.

Oh wait, I just did write about those things.

*I honestly, would never hit anyone and I used this purely as a figure of speech. I swear.

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