Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 recap, or how I intend to spark my inner blogger with a 2010 resolution to blog at least once a week

In 2009 the following happened...

  • We Marty successfully completed the first phase of our remodel. I really didn't help, but more or less pretended to so I'd feel like I contributed to it. The boys moved in to Julian's new room, (Solomon will be squatting until the rest of the remodel is complete) on Christmas Eve eve. I can only imagine how my Husband feel about this. He really accomplished a lot on his own and I think the boys are loving having a "new" room. Phase 2 will commence in 2010.
  • Marty bought me a horse, yes, one with 4 legs and a mane and tail. I haven't had a horse since I was a teen and really, even then she wasn't mine, she belonged to my evil step-mother (and that's a whole other story), but I was allowed to ride her. You can read about the new poneh, here. So far, he hasn't killed me and I've kept him alive. I think I'm doing pretty good.
  • We grew real tomatoes and onions, seriously the kind you can eat. Eat with delight and glee. They tasted delicious too! The tomato harvest was plentiful. We enjoyed them well into September and October. Even Julian ate some! I think we have it figured out and can reap the benefits again next summer. Can you say homemade salsa?
  • We completed our first of marriage. I say this with great pride because I believe marriage to be a great achievement. It's a relationship made on great understanding, compassion, and commitment. I am proud to be Marty's wife and for him to be my husband and I look forward to many more years of marriage and the romance being gone. (Sorry honey, bad joke)
  • I went to my first top fuel drag race. OH BOY! I can't wait to go again. After a full day of the fumes, bits of rubber flying and the noise I can safely say I survived with no injuries, except a dang sunburn, oops. I was nervous, I had heard the stories. Marty joked and teased me about it for days before. I was smart. I wore two pairs of ear plugs and it worked great.
  • We attended Billetproof 2009 where I shot super 8 for the first time and it was a blast! It was like a two night date for Marty and I, with day time fun thrown in. We paled around the car show on saturday looking at some really amazing cars and then later that evening watched the cruse. Marty worked on the super 8 film and put this together with our footage. I'm looking forward to the day when we can attend and Marty can enter his car.
  • Speaking of super 8, additionally, Marty and I shot a wedding in Super 8. We'd been toying with the idea of shooting a wedding here and there for practice and fun and ended up finding one locally. It was a really good learning experience for us both. The film turned out great, except for some I shot with a camera that doesn't like to focus when you zoom in. Marty spend HOURS editing and put together a really amazing piece of work. I hope we can do it again in the future.
  • We hesitantly sent Solomon into the 7th grade. Yes folks, middle school, eeeek. He really has taken it with great stride. He is an incredibly self motivated kid, with the desire to succeed. He's creating his own persona, experimenting with style, and still managing to make honor roll. All I can say is if middle school was this easy of a transition for him, high school will be a breeze.
  • We ushered Julian into double digits. That's right folks, Julian turned 10. Egads. He's really developing into such a little smarty. Recently his wit and humor have sharpened and he can almost keep up with his older brothers. He loves food and is quite adventuresome with it. Which for me is a dream. I think because I know one of the kids will be willing to stop out of the "normal" food box I can try new things with less hesitation.
  • We watched Reuben become a SENIOR. *faints* Yes, we have a senior in high school who is gonna graduate and all that stuff. I mean, sheesh. It's the first time I've ever ordered a cap and gown. I never got one, so it was pretty momentous. He's really risen to the occasion. He has a plan, knows what he wants at this point in time, and he's sticking to it.
  • Reuben began his University of DAD driving lessons and that's all I'm gonna say about that. (Cause I don't teach driving)
  • We bought a "new" used car. Gaah. Really, more stuff. But with Reuben learning to drive and eventually getting his license we needed another car. And I'm spoiled.

In other news, this blog will be combined with this one, because let's face it, I can't even keep one blog updated so trying to keep two going is just plain nuts. Which brings us to the other part of this post. One of my new years resolutions is going to be a blog post a week. Gasp, shriek, sputter. Yeah, I know. Gotta put my big girl britches on.

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