Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday Galore

Summer is birthday season around here.... Julian starts things off in May and right behind him is Solomon in June and Reuben ends things up in August. Then you throw in ALL the other stuff we do, and WHOA, it's busy. So this, in a nutshell is the birthday re-cap!

Julian - May 7th

Chuckie Cheeses = Insanity. We packed up and headed to Silverdale for an afternoon at the house of the pizza mouse. It was, to say the least, exciting. After MASS tokens were distributed, fun ensued like it was Christmas morning! The pizza came, and it wasn't as terrible as I remember it from my childhood. It was all in all, an excellent time!

Solomon - June 3rd

Sol wanted to do something fun, but getting him to make a decision is like watching paint dry... (I'm not sure, but he may have picked that up from me) So after many, many options he finally, after much hesitation decided on a Mariners Game. We walked on the ferry, which, seriously is so much fun in itself... Honestly, since I don't have to ride the ferry two times a weekend anymore, it's so fun now!

We ate outside the ball field, which was almost as much of a joke as eating IN the ball field. $45 for 4 burgers and 2 hot dogs. I fainted right there at the stand. Marty had to revive me with the smell of the actual burger, which was good. BUT yikes, I am in the wrong business.

We had great seats! You could see the field and aside from the rain that forced the roof to be closed in the 3rd inning it was an awesome game!

Reuben - August 28th

Super sweet 16 for Reuben. Okay, not really, the color pink was not involved. We, did however, throw him a surprise party! And he had no idea. Yes, folks, we were able to trick a 16 year old. Which leads me to a scary thought.... My husband and my 30th birthday. *gulp*

We were able to use a lecture hall at the college and hook up not 1, not 2, but 3 gaming systems! We had Rock Band going on the PS3, Halo on the xbox, and Wii sports on the Wii.

It was awesome! I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talkin'!

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