Saturday, October 25, 2008

Schools out and CAMP!

The last day of school couldn't come fast enough. Because we had experienced snow last winter and missed school due to snow days, there was an extra day added on the the school year. Which to children who are ready for summer is pure torture! Personally I think this is ridiculous. As if one day of missed state curriculum is going to make our children less smart. Sorry for the rant.

Solomon and Julian spent a week at Camp David Jr. on Lake Crecent. It was a little bit touch and go for Julian who has never been away from home for more that one night, let alone 5 nights. But over all he did really well and I think they may even want to go back next year.

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millissa said...

Oh my gosh I totally did the 4-H camp at Camp David every summer and I loved it! We scored the 'Beach' Cabin one year and it was the best. Growing up fast, huh?