Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Solly!

Our little Sol turned 12 today, and he's cooler than ever! Just look at that face, it says "you talkin to me?" & "TCB Baby TCB"... this kid cracks me up. Solomon has one of the biggest hearts i know someone to possess.

Not much sneaks by you when you are around son. You always know if me or someone else is having a bad day, you always put yourself last when it comes to most everything, and you truly care about peoples feelings. You would have never of thought that when you were a baby though...from being breech before birth, to throwing things like rocks and forks, and don't forget those countless hours your grandmother (Jamie) spent rocking Mr. Colic in that rocking chair for hours on end. But there is more...

You always have a tone in your voice that is so soft and caring. You are the nurturing type, and i love your patience with animals and how sweet you can be. You have such a great sense of humor too!

Happy Birthday son, you make me so very happy and proud to be your father!


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