Friday, February 1, 2008

The Accomplice.

Louie, our kitten, well he's 10 months now, but still very much a kitten has this terrible habit of playing with his toys in the hall way outside our bedroom door in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Having hardwood floors this makes it even worse. He'll bat around his mice or even his little plastic balls, smacking them into the door and the walls.

Last night, just as I was dozing off I heard, "WACK!" Throwing the covers off, annoyed, I got out of bed, opened the door and found him there with one of his plastic balls. I snatched it up from him and closed the door. Leaving him there with a blank stare of "what?!" on his face. Okay, now that it's over I can go back to sleep...

Fast forward to 2:57 a.m. "WACK!" I roll over with irritation and hope it'll just go away... "SWOOSH, WACK!" D'oh! Marty got up this time... only to find Louie in the hall way with the empty package of nightlight bulbs from the table in the living room, left by Marty's keys to remind him to buy more. Marty picked up the package, rounded the corner to the living room and found Samson sitting on the table?!?! The accomplice. He knocked the package down for Louie to play with.

Now if you ask me this is war, I tell you. Now I know they are in it together, scheming to wake us up. Why? I have no idea, but I can only think it’s because they are felines.

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